“More than thanking, I must acknowledge your competence and professional attitude which contributed much for the success of the event.”
“I certainly look forward to have you engaged in other ITA events.”

Tarcisio B. Celestino
International Tunnelling Association (ITA)

“We are very pleased with CMA’s performance for this conference and the numerous advice and guidance from the team, under your able and astute leadership. You have helped to make the conference a success. Thank you.”

Er. Lim Peng Hong
Conference Chair

“We had a very successful DAPS2015, because of you. A big THANKS, to all of you, for your time and effort.
Of course, the DAPS2015 wouldn’t have been a success without CMA’s fantastic logistic support.”

Zhiye Zhao
DAPS2015 Chairman

“I wanted to thank everyone for a great, well-organized conference. This was my first trip to Singapore and I was very impressed. I hope to see you for the next PSSC.”

Bo Dowswell
P.E., Ph.D.
ARC International, LLC

“…thank CMA for the meticulous planning and coordination to pull through the organisation of a complex event as IRAHSS. I heard very good feedback from my team about your professionalism and efficiency. They said they could work very well and smoothly with you.”
“…especially for being most resourceful and flexible in accommodating to our many requests and requirements, despite such a compressed timeline for preparation of the event.”
“…your trustworthiness and reliability has truly freed us from the complexity and nitty-gritty of organising such a complex event as IRAHSS so that we could focus on the content of the programme and the networking with the people at the conference.”
“I look forward to CMA’s continued support for our events.”

Lock Pin
National Security Coordination Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office
5th IRAHSS 2013

“…thank-you for all the assistance you gave us as sponsors of the 15th ACC. You must be very proud of your team for making everything run so smoothly and efficiently but remaining very cheerful at all times”
“An exhibitor’s life can be quite stressed at times but you made it much easier.”

Andrew Scott
Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
15th Asian Chemical Congress 2013

“On behalf of everyone at OSPO, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and contribution to the success of Our SG Conversation. From RSVPs to participant management, logistics and room setup, and coordinating and liaising with the venues providers – we greatly appreciate your hard work, long hours and attention to detail.
Look forward to working with you ladies again in 2013.”

Dennis NEO
“Our Singapore” Programme Office, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office
Our Singapore Conversation

“…thank you for all your fine work for the 14th APPSMO. I very much enjoyed the event and from my informal discussions with a number of participants I know that they found it enjoyable and stimulating. The contribution of the team of staff organizers was also much appreciated”

Pascal Vennesson
14th APPSMO 2012

“The 59 participants from 28 countries have returned to their respective homes happy with the organisation of the programme and the hospitality accorded to them. We recognise that a lot of this was the result of the care and efficiency of your company in making the arrangements for their travel, accommodation, transport and meals. We also appreciate the special attention given to the participants with special needs or alternative travel arrangements.”
“On behalf of Dean, RSIS, I wish to thank you and through you all your staff for your good work and assistance in making APPSMO XIII a resounding success.”

Mushahid Ali
Senior Fellow
For Dean RSIS

“CMA has been most flexible in accommodating our requests and requirement. The success of the symposium is certainly due to the commitment and dedication that you and your team had put forth in working with my Organising Committee.
I look forward to CMA’s continued support for our events.”

Kok Ping Soon
National Security Coordination Centre
Prime Minister’s Office
(IRAHSS 2011)

“… a big thank you for all the help in making sure our first Foresight Conference ran smoothly, and everyone had a good experience.”
“We really appreciate all the assistance, given we’ve never done this before, and were totally winging it all the way through.”

Jeanette Kwek (Ms)
Lead Strategist, Centre for Strategic Futures
Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office

“The PCO staff were very friendly and helpful. They worked hard to provide support and were available out of normal office hours to attend meetings and respond to enquiries.”
“Their commitment to detail greatly contributed to the smooth running of the conference and the positive experience reported by delegates.”

Assoc. Prof. Keith R. McVilly, PhD
Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology
Faculty of Health, Medicine, Nursing and Behavioural Sciences
(IASSID 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Congress)

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present and to share some of my experience with diaphragm walls construction, it is a great honour for me and it was a great experience with the online seminar (something I had never tried before and I am especially grateful for your kind help

Michel Bock
Leading Specialist
Marine and Foundation Engineering